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Count on Sharky & Stephen Bail Bonds for a bail bonds you can trust that specializes in the San Gabriel Valley area.

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What is a Bail Bond?

A bail bonds service is a service that acts as a middle man between the court and a person who has gotten into trouble with the law. Through a bail bonds service, an individual can give assurance to the court that they are going to show up to court on their court date. Through utilizing the legal capabilities of a bail bonds, the individual will be entitled to paying a small percentage of the bail price that is set on them when they get arrested and put in jail. By being bailed out, the individual is able to go out and about until their court date, rather than sitting in a jail cell. Picking a convenient bail bond service is very important, because you never know what can happen to you or a loved one in an unforeseen circumstance.



Choosing Sharky & Stephen

Bail can be a complicated process, but with Sharky & Stephen you no longer have to stress out about getting your loved ones out of jail. They offer the lowest rates in California and provide fast and efficient service. We make it possible for those in custody to be released from jail until the next hearing. Give our specialists a call for a free consultation and to learn more about how we can help you!

When you call us, we take the time to listen to and answer all of your questions and concerns. The first consultation is free, and we know you’ll see the difference as soon as you call us. Our staff is professional and practiced in working with law enforcement and the courts. We have the experience and connections to work with the Los Angeles jails, and we put it to good use for you. However, we also remain understanding to our clients during stressful times.

Why use a Bail Bond?

Using a bail bond is a crucial part of making sure an individual avoids trouble as much as possible after they are arrested. The bail bonds agent can help an individual get out of jail, and pay attention to important situations like getting an attorney, and handling the rest of the affairs that is required of them up until their court date. On top of all of that, a bail bonds agent can use their services to make sure the jailed individual only pays a small portion of the full bail price that is set on them. For example, if the bail price on somebody who has been arrested is set at $20,000, the individual can be bailed out by paying only around $2,000, maybe even less! A fast bail bonds service can be needed by anybody at any time to get them out of unforeseen situations. Not utilizing the skills and legal capabilities of a bail bonds service is undoubtedly a critical mistake that one should not make.

Sharky and Stephen Bail Bonds

Why Choose Us?

Sharky and Stephen Bail Bonds is the leading bail bonds service all over the greater Los Angeles county. But that does not mean we are exclusive to Los Angeles county. Our expertise in the bail bonds industry can be utilized all over the Los Angeles county, the San Bernardino county, the San Gabriel valley, and anywhere else that comes to mind! Our bail bonds office is less than five minutes away from the Glendale Police Station, so we can be there for our clients whenever something should arise!


Sharky and Stephen Bail Bonds understands that trouble can arise any time, any day. Therefore, our bail bonds agents are available around the clock, 24/7, all throughout the year. Anytime you call us, we will be there for you. Our bail bonds services are fully confidential, which means that besides you and us, NOBODY will know about your troubling situation, or your use of a bail bonds service. We offer rates that will never be beat by our competitors, matched with a service and convenience that is incomparable to the rest of the bail bonds services in California. For more information regarding our bail bonds

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Any type of encounter with the police or arrest is always going to be stressful, but having professional people on your side can really made a difference. Sharky & Stephen Bail Bonds is available to you whenever you need it. We have people who can provide advice and financial assistance any hour of the day. Your information is always kept confidential, and once we have the fact, we get to work immediately.

We know just how important it can be to work quickly to obtain a release, which is why we’re here for you 24/7. For Sharky & Stephen, there is nothing more important to us than our level of service.