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Tips For Choosing The Best Bail Company

If you are in the position in which you need to consider enlisting the help of a bail bond company for either yourself or a loved one, it can be an understandably stressful and difficult time. At Sharky and Stephen Bail Bonds, we provide you with some answers for all the difficult questions on how bail bonds work, how to find a bail bond company and what to even look for. Hopefully this will help you to choose the right bail bond company for you.

How Does Bail Work? Many people are unfamiliar with how bail and bail bonds work within the American criminal justice system. This can lead to them being taken advantage of by bail bond scammers. Bail is an amount of money set by the judge. When a defendant pays this bail to the court, they are allowed to remain free during the duration of their trial. If a defendant does not pay their bail, then they are forced to remain in jail during the duration of their trial, which can – in some cases – take months.

What Is A Bail Bond? A bail bond is when a bail bond company pays a percentage of your bail for you, allowing you to stay free during the duration of your trial. In exchange for paying your bail, a bail bond company requires that you put a percentage down, usually ten percent and sometimes some collateral.

What Should I Look For? When looking for bail bonds Van Nuys, the reputation of the company is everything. Like with anything, some are good and some are bad. Some bail bond companies have reputations of charging unfair prices, of being unreliable and of taking advantage of families in their time of need. Likewise, some bail bond companies have reputations of charging affordable prices with low interest rates, being reliable and seeking to really help people who are in trouble. Finding out which type of bail bond company the one you are considering using falls into can be discerned through some research. A bail bond company that charges high interest rates and fees is one to avoid. While most bail bond companies will keep a percentage of your bail that you paid to them, it shouldn’t be higher than ten percent. Reading online reviews about people who have used a company’s service is the best way to find out what the company is really like and how they treat their customers. Contact our team for the best bail bond service in town! We have helped countless victims and their families by providing emotional and financial support.

Not all bond agencies are created equal. While it’s true that they all perform the same function of bonding out people’s loved ones from jail, there is much that goes into selecting the right bond agent or agency for your family.

How to Choose

At Sharky & Stephen, we understand that things happen unexpectedly. You need a bond agent who is prepared to act on yours or your loved one’s behalf 24/7. Here are a few things to help you choose the right bail bond agency for you and your loved ones.


You want to choose a bond agent who has a good reputation within the community or sector. Defense attorneys not only know how does bail work in CA, but  direct you to a bond agent in Los Angeles who they think has done a great job. Bond agents who work with defense attorneys have a reputation for quality work. A recommendation from a defense attorney that the bond agent has worked with might get you a reduced to 8% fee.

Also, detention officers tend to have a great deal of information and could point you in the direction of a reputable bail bond company. Get to know the detention officers or have your attorney befriend a detention officer and get the inside scoop on a trustworthy bail bonds company.


Other people’s experiences with an agency can tell you a lot. Checking people’s reviews of a bond agency can tell you whether or not an agent can tell you how does the bail bond process work It’s easier than ever to review and research other people’s reviews online with organizations like the Better Business Bureau and Yelp. Agencies also include reviews and testimonials on their website.


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Why You Should Be Selective

Bond agencies usually charge between 10% and 25% of the bail fee, depending on the type of crime and stipulations of the defendant’s release. Make sure you understand what your fee pays for.


Everyone loves receiving a great deal. However, when choosing a bond agent, you typically get what you pay for. Bond agents and agencies who have inexpensive fees say 5% or less, tend to be less experienced in working with the courts.

Places that charge a 5% fee or less could also have hidden fees. And any company with hidden fees is not a good company. Also beware of scam artists pretending to be bond agents, offering deals and changing fee amounts.

Customer Service

Reputation, reviews, being open about their fees, and experience all come down to customer service. A bail bonds agency is a business just like any other. And you should expect the same level of professionalism. A bond agency that is available 24/7 understands the delicate needs of their clients needing assistance no matter the hour.

When selecting a bail company, know what your needs are. Do you need an agency that is available 24 hours to answer any questions you may have? Will you need an agent who will help you understand the process? Does experience and reputation matter to you? Ask yourself these questions before making the choice.